• 17 Janurary 2024

    Meeting of Minds | CEO outlook 2024: what comes next on the CEO & ExCo agenda?

    When inflation trends, interest rates, raw materials supply, energy costs and geopolitical forecast for 2024 remain unpredictable, what do the next months hold for the economy, the financial system and businesses? And how should CEOs and their C-Suite best combine strategic decisions and operational adjustments to go on the offensive and stay the course towards sustainable growth, value creation and secured bottom line?

    The executive panel will gather Mr. Pierre Sironval (CEO, Besix Group), Mr. Thibauld Jongen (CEO, SABCA) and Mr. Bruno Wattenbergh (Economist and Innovation Ambassador, EY).

  • 21 February 2024

    CHRO Platform | The HR roadmap to AI - thinking strategically and with purpose

    • Understanding and assessing the real transformative power of AI for HR and for people
    • Assessing the real benefits, limitations and risks of AI for employees and for the organization
    • Pre-requisites and critical success factors CHROs must look at before deploying AI at scale
    • Augmenting HR processes and practices with AI: where to start, how to build the roadmap?
    • Should HR give access to genAI to anyone and anywhere? What are the pros and cons?
  • 12 June 2024

    CEO Think Tank | Harnessing the real business and transformational value of AI - the CEO perspective

    This CEO luncheon exchange will explore how to strategize AI at large scale through a careful balance between expected value creation, adequate capital allocation, and risk management. Moreover, it will examine the critical points where AI can deliver quick value to accelerate growth, boost innovation and sustain the bottom line.

    Panel: Mathias Miedreich, Chief Executive Officer, Umicore | Talisha Nothnagel-Ramnarain, Head of Innovation & Ideation, Euroclear | Jack Hamande, Director General Simplification & Transformation, FPS BOSA | Henri Dewaerheijd, Chief Executive Officer, Master Card

  • 19 June 2024

    Meeting of Minds | From absenteeism concenrs to great reimagination

  • October 2024

    CEO Think Tank | Rethinking the Exco-Board relationship and alignment