• 26 April 2023

    Meeting of Minds | Talents shortage: time to rethink your operating model?

    There’s no miraculous solution to solve the talents gap. C-suite executives must therefore define and execute a series of actions in a well coordinated way. Many CEOs even see it as an opportunity to deeply reshape their operating model and to reconsider both outsourcing and insourcing with new eyes and purposes.

    An exclusive luncheon discussion with Christophe Delcorte, Chief Executive Officer, Aprico Consultants

  • 23 May 2023

    Cybersecurity Platform | Assessing your cybersecurity posture to comply with new European regulation

    As the Cybersecurity Act strengthens the EU Agency for cybersecurity and establishes a certification framework for products and services, Boards and ExCos must understand not just the impact on their cybersecurity strategies, but also the direct and indirect implications on their business model from an operational and legal perspective.

  • June 2023

    Meeting of Minds | Facing new realities: redirected CEO focus in changing business and economic rules

    What do the next months hold for the economy, the financial system and businesses? And how should CEOs best combine strategic decisions with operational adjustments to navigate the turmoil and maintain a course towards long-term value creation?

    A Privileged CEO Luncheon Discussion with Pascal JUERY, Chief Executive Officer, Agfa; and Bruno WATTENBERGH, Economist; Sr. Advisor, EY

  • September 2023

    Meeting of Minds | Can ESG really create and sustain new business value?

    As ESG is now reaching the mainstream in all sectors and functions, Boards and ExCos must define the critical points where ESG can deliver quick value and embed it into their strategic planning to allocate the necessary capital and other resources. In parallel, they must envision how to embrace ESG  to diversify their offering and meet the changing demands of customers, partners, investors and talents.

  • September 2023

    C-Think-Tank | Harnessing AI’s full business potential within legal and ethical limits

  • October 2023

    C-Think-Tank | Rethinking the Exco-Board relationship and alignment

  • November 2023

    C-Think-Tank | Emphasizing the ‘G’ of ESG

  • December 2023

    C-Think-Tank | The future business impact of the metaverse beyond the hype

  • November 2023

    C-Think-Tank | Economic outlook and prospective 2024