• 15 February 2022

    Meeting of Minds | The dark side of digitalization: new methods of modern hackers

    • Key trends and lessons learned from recent ransomware attacks around the world
    • Anticipating the shift to new criminal business models
    • Understanding the ransomware victim profiling and pipelining
    • Recommended defenses: shielding organizations against new ransomware variants
  • 24 March 2022

    Leadership Summit | Mapping the digital road to what’s next

    • Optimizing IT investments to prepare for what comes next
    • The rise of digital platforms: what’s in it for the C-suite?
    • Low code development: a new brick in the wall
    • How to not sabotage the digital transformation – key lessons learned
  • 28 April 2022

    Leadership Summit | New work, workforce and workplace strategies

    • Upcoming new work models, organization structures and hybrid workplaces
    • How new technologies are redesigning how and where work gets done
    • Fostering employee engagement outside the conventional spheres
    • Envisioning the organizational makeup to nurture workforce productivity and efficiency
  • 18 May 2022

    Think-Tank | Towards the zero trust imperative

    • What is Zero Trust, and which drivers put it so high on the digital agenda
    • Envisioning Zero Trust by looking at all business elements, not just the security issues
    • Assessing the real business benefits and outcomes of Zero Trust beyond the hype
    • Key challenges and common obstacles in adopting Zero Trust
    • Strategizing and executing an ambitious although realistic Zero Trust plan
  • 09 June 2022

    Hybrid Work Platform | Towards a new mobility and commuting momentum

    Panel: Dennis Gorteman (CEO, D’Ieteren) & Camille Gillon (CHRO, Belfius)

    • From fix to fluid: delivering employee experience in every space – central office, hub offices and home working
    • Defining the ideal blend of HQ, on-demand workspace and WFH
    • How intelligently designed hybrid workplaces may directly impact the bottom-line
    • Return on hybrid: which quantitative and qualitative metrics are really useful?
    • Building the nextgen hybrid work roadmap: where to start, key milestones
  • 14 June 2022

    Hybrid Work Platform | Can hybrid workplaces really improve employee engagement?

    Panel: Emmanuel Mignot (CEO, Shell Belgium) & Olivia De Wit (Head of Workplace Experience, Solvay)

    • Enabling new employee experiences through flexible workplace to leverage increased employee engagement, collaboration and efficiency
    • How to turn the flexible workplace into a new employee ‘lifestyle’ and make it a corporate differentiator?
    • Envisioning the hybrid workplace as a pioneer model of employee engagement, mobility, productivity and agility
  • 21 June 2022

    Master Class | Metaverse readiness: the next big thing for the C-suite

    Animated by Talisha Ramnarain and Tom Ghelen, Accenture

    • What is the Metaverse, and why it matters so much for the top management?
    • Do physical environments – stores, plants, workplaces…- are really here to stay?
    • How the Metaverse opens a  completely new world for business, innovation and customer experience?
    • Key C-suite challenges and milestones to prepare for the metaverse



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