• The C-Circle is an elite think-tank for CEOs and other C-level executives from the most significant and most influential organizations. Initiated in 2002 as the Executive’s Circle, and having evolved through several phases of development, it provides a truly exclusive environment where extraordinary C-suite leaders share experiences, challenge assumptions, and confront ideas on key economical, technology, societal, environmental, and other forces that disrupt today’s and tomorrow’s business environment.

  • As an exclusive place to think, the Circle provides a rich opportunity to connect, network and interact with peers in an atmosphere of frank and thought-provoking discussion to explore how to best embrace change, accelerate transformation, reimagine business models, mitigate risk, engage employees, re-align investments, …, and prepare for what’s next beyond the conventional boundaries.

  • It is also a fabulous network energized by remarkable leaders and maverick thinkers from around the globe who bring a uniquely straightforward atmosphere and make the Circle one of the most respected C-level communities in Belgium – it’s country of origin – and across Europe as well.

  • The C-Circle is completely independent from any commercial or academical influence. Meetings are strictly held off-the-record and closed to the press and public. Participation is by personal invitation only.



« In an era of information overload, the C-Circle is an exceptional source of inspiration and foresight to lead in the real business world ».

Chief Executive Officer, large bank & insurance company

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« The variety of formats and speakers allows me to learn from other companies and industries, to talk straight with other executives, and to get impactful ideas to fine tune my own organization’s strategy ».

Chief Executive Officer, pharmaceutical company

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« The C-Circle is uniquely positioned to spark systemic and collaborative intelligence and help executives understand and anticipate business and societal changes ».

Chief Financial Officer, multinational food-products company

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« The C-Circle really outperforms other networks and forums thanks to its fantastic ability to engage the most relevant business leaders into peer-level conversations to challenge, advise, support and inspire ».

Global Chief HR Officer, electricity + gas + renewable energy company